Investing in Your Health & Treating Hearing Loss

audiologist preparing hearing exam

Like other medical devices, hearing aids are an investment in your overall health. People who have hearing loss are usually concerned with the expense. However, not taking the leap to invest in hearing aids can cost more in the future. Look beyond the price tag and consider the necessity of the improvements hearing aids can bring to your quality of life. You may find that hearing aids are a very sensible financial choice.

Cheap ‘Hearing Aids’ Can Cost More in the Long Run

When looking in a thesaurus, you may find that “cheap” is listed as a synonym for “affordable,” but that doesn’t mean they’re the same. And while you may be able to find audio devices for under $100, it may not be the best idea to get those cheap hearing aids. The problem with over-the-counter hearing devices is that you get what you pay for in quality. When you purchase these devices, you are really buying an amplification device, much like earbuds, not an actual hearing aid. 

Most “$100 hearing aids” aren’t actually hearing aids. They’re more likely to be PSAPs (personal sound amplification products). These devices turn up the sound of everything around you, including unwanted background noise. These cheaper devices become useless when trying to hear conversations better in noisy environments. They are also more likely to send loud feedback noises to your ears than well-made hearing aids. Sending those loud, high-pitched noises straight into your ear canal could damage your hearing rather than being a hearing aid.

Lower Earnings at Work

Not treating your hearing loss affects your personal life and can cause significant disruptions in your professional life. Not treating hearing loss is far more likely to cost you employment, promotions, salary increases, and job security.

One study on the impact of untreated hearing loss on household income similarly concluded that of 40,000 families surveyed, hearing loss subtracted up to $12,000 of yearly income on average from affected households. 

Stress affects your ability to sleep, immune system, relationships, and quality of life. The struggle to hear at the workplace also takes a toll on you physically. Even when you make it through a workday with a preliminary hearing, wondering whether you heard everything correctly will leave you exhausted and stressed.

Hearing Loss and Your Safety

There are safety issues which often accompany hearing loss. Without the appropriate hearing aids, it becomes risky for you to go across the street or operate a vehicle. You won’t be able to hear alarms and warning signals as quickly, creating more risk for injury. Healthy hearing is necessary for work-site safety, like construction sites or manufacturing plants.

Hearing loss has been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even dementia. Other conditions connected to hearing loss include clinical depression and an increased risk of falls. The point is that ignoring your hearing loss could result in missing out on an early warning sign of a more serious health threat.

Why is it worth investing in high-quality hearing aids?

High-quality hearing aids use the latest technology to provide many advanced features, like speech isolation, voice recognition, direct binaural streaming, tinnitus control and the ability to recharge. You can ensure that the device fits you perfectly and that the software is set up to meet your needs. Lastly, it’s not unusual for hearing aids to need to be adjusted or fixed from time to time. If you spend money on good hearing aids, your solution will be just for you and your hearing needs.

Quality hearing aids with us.

When you buy a good hearing aid from us, we’ll be able to help you with all of your aftercare needs. You must deal with your hearing changes if you believe a PSAP or another low-quality hearing or amplification device. There is little doubt that a high-quality hearing aid will cost more. Still, the investment is nearly priceless when held up against the quality of your one and only precious life. Looking at all the troubles associated with going without one or buying a cheaper device is undoubtedly a wise investment. Please book an appointment with us today to learn more.