Custom Hearing Protection

Noise is a common cause of hearing loss. It can also worsen symptoms if you have been diagnosed with hearing loss. We are exposed to noise constantly throughout the day and some of this noise can be hazardous to hearing health. The Hearing Health Foundation estimates that 22 million people are exposed to dangerous noise levels at work. Additionally, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that over 1 billion people globally are at high risk of developing hearing loss due to noise exposure from listening to audio through headphones as well as excessive noise levels in social settings.

Fortunately, noise-induced hearing loss is completely preventable. Practicing safety measures can significantly protect your hearing health. One of the best ways to do this is by wearing hearing protection which reduces the amount of noise that is absorbed. At Doctors Hearing, we take it a step further by providing custom hearing protection which offers a perfect fit and maximum protection.

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Impact of Noise on Hearing Health

One-time or constant exposure to loud noise can irreparably damage the auditory system - the sensory system for hearing. Loud noise can damage the hair cells in the inner ear which play a major role in how sound is processed. These sensory cells send auditory information to the brain which further processes sound and assign meaning to the sound we hear. Loud noise can cause these hair cells to become desensitized and/or die, preventing them from carrying out their essential function. This results in the brain receiving less auditory information which produces a hearing loss.

There are thousands of hair cells in the inner ear, specifically in the cochlea. Unlike other types of cells we have, hair cells in the inner ear do not regenerate. There are also no medical treatments or other interventions that can replenish these cells, meaning that the hearing loss produced is chronic. So it is important to protect and preserve the hair cells we have. One of the best ways to protect your hearing from noise is by wearing hearing protection.

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Custom Hearing Protection

At Doctors Hearing, we offer custom hearing protection services that provide comprehensive hearing support. Hearing protection is an essential item for people who are regularly exposed to higher levels of noise. This includes:

  • People who navigate noisier work environments: musicians, construction workers, pilots, people who work in factories and transportation hubs, etc.
  • People use heavy machinery and household items like power tools.
  • People who regularly engage in social activities like going to restaurants, bars, sports arenas, parties, etc.

Most people can benefit from wearing hearing protection. Protective wear provides a physical barrier for the ears which reduces the amount of loud noise that is absorbed and the impact of that noise. Custom options are tailor-made to your ears which offers the greatest protection and comfortable fit. Custom hearing protection options include:

Personal Earmold being made

Custom Earmolds

These are worn on the outer counter of the ear and come in different sizes and colors. Custom ear molds come in full and half shell options that can also be soft or solid. Full-shell custom earmolds are recommended for people who are consistently exposed to higher levels of noise. Half Shell types are a great option for people who are exposed to less excessive noise but can still benefit from hearing protection.

earplug in hand

Custom Earplugs

Ear plugs differ from ear molds as they are worn in the ear canal. Custom molds of your ear canal are used to make this earplug which then sits comfortably. Earplugs are a great option for musicians. There are specific types of custom earplugs that are made for musicians which reduce background noise while still allowing them to hear their music.

Custom hearing protection is one of the best ways to protect your hearing. Tailor-made hearing protection offers the greatest protection, reducing your risk of developing noise-induced hearing loss. This is especially useful for people who are exposed to hazardous noise levels in everyday life. Our team will work closely with you to get to know your hearing needs and recommend the type of custom hearing protection that could be best for you. Contact us today to learn more about protective wear and how you can protect your hearing health.

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